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Mr. Rajesh Vartak

Occupation: -

Motor Mechanic

Comments :

I must sincerely thank you for this achievement. This is outcome of your words of encouragement you have said to me at times when I was loosing hopes of my bright future. I must sincerely thank Mrs. Palwe for my performance in IELTS,as that was a foundation stone towards process.

Being from native language medium it was the toughest task for me and I had cancelled the decision of starting the process of immigration due to lack of confidence in English Language. This is just the confidence given to me by you and Palwe Madam.


Mr. Shekhar Ghorpade
Occupation: -Electrician (spacial class)
Comments :
I am really very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe and all Taurus team members. Today I received a call from Palwe sir and I really got pleasently surprised by hearing this news as I was expecting my visa by month of Sept. 2006. He has done my case positive as TRA was negative from other agent.
I learned "Patience" from Mr. Palwe. Once again I am really very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe and all taurus team members.

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Mr.Abasaheb Shelke
Occupation: - Welder
Comments :

People says that dream comes true but I say Mr. Manoj Palwe made my dreams true.

Now I am feeling that the sky is the limit with wings. Because immigrating to Australia is my dream and I would like to thank “Taurus Infotek” to give me the opportunity to live in Australia.

Thank you Mr. Palwe Sir and your all team.

Thank you once again.

Mr. Anant Pasalkar
Mrs. Sharada Anant Pasalkar
Miss. Mrunal Anant Pasalkar
Master. Shivam Anant Pasalkar
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

Immigration to Australia was my dream. That dream has come true only because of “TAURUS INFOTEK”.

Thank you very much to Mr. Palwe Sir & Madam. They taught us many things from language to manners. We are grateful to both of them. Once again thanks a lot.

“We will always remember you “.

Mr. Santosh Gaikwad
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

I have no words to express my happiness, but I can say that “Taurus Infotek” is temple and Mr. Manoj Palwe is God for me.

I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his staff to guide me for a right way of life.


Mr. Jayesh Vijay Save
Occupation: - Vehicle Painter
Comments :

At last my dream came true. It has happened only because of Mr. Manoj Palwe Sir & Taurus Infotek team. I am very thankful to you & your team. I don’t have words for thanking you.

Thank you once again! & hope you will not forget me & will help me in my future.

I am proud to be a family member of “Taurus Infotek”.

Thank you Sir!

Mr. Sanjay S. Shinde
Mrs. Shravani S. Shinde
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

Being a human, each one has an equal right to dream. One of the important part of the life is to curve a good future. We both were trying for the same, when we came across a very bad experience in our process. In that situation, Mr. Palwe (Taurus Infotek) gave us the helping hand for making our dream come true. Today we feel on the top of the world and very satisfied & happy to receive our visa for Australia just because of proper guidance of Mr. Palwe. We both are very thankful to them.

Mr. Prasad Kute
Mrs. Beena Prasad Kute
Master. Pushkar Prasad Kute
Occupation: - Business Machine Mechanic
Comments :
Migrating to Australia was my dream when I started with my career in the industry and I kept it a dream till today and today my dream came to a reality. I got my Australian Visa. All this credit goes to my guru Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon and Mr. Manoj Palwe. I am thankful to my god who showed me a right person Mr. Manoj Palwe who made my dream into reality. A hearty thanks from me and my family to Mr. Manoj Palwe & Taurus Infotek Family.


Mr. Dnyaneshwar Satarkar
Mrs. Seema Satarkar.
Miss. Shraddha Satarkar
Master. Sai Satarkar
Occupation: - General Mechanical Engineering Tradesperson
Comments :

Today is the happiest day in my life, this is the day I got an Australian Visa with the help of Palwe Sir. I have no words to express my feelings about Taurus Infotek & Palwe Sir.

I think Palwe Sir is just like an angel who has arrived on this earth to help me to achieve my aim. Taurus Infotek & team is so co-operative that they have helped & guided me in collecting necessary documents.

I highly appreciate Mr Palwe Sir for handling my case very efficiently & effectively.

I am very grateful to Mr Palwe Sir & his team for their efforts in my immigration process to Australia.


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Mr. Arjun Bhoi
Occupation: - Welder
Comments :

Today I am very happy. It is really good news that I got visa for Australia. My case was difficult but Mr. Manoj Palwe has solved my case.

Many thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his staff. He gave me good guidance and help. Now I am able to look for good future.

Once again thanks to him & his Staff.

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