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Mr. Abhit M. Dhembre
Occupation: - Metal Machinist
Comments :

I was very happy when I heard that today I got my visa and this credit goes to only Mr. Palwe sir who helped me always at each and every condition. I am also thanking to Mrs. Palwe who taught me English Language which helped me for getting good score in IELTS exam. Thank you once again.

Abhit Dhembre


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Mr. Chandrashekhar More
Mrs. Dipti Chandrashekhar More
Miss. Pauravi Chandrashekhar More
Occupation: -Fitter
Comments :
Before starting all the Australian Migration process I was very confused, as I did not know how Mr. Palwe would deal with our case. But then I decided to trust him & this decision of trusting him resulted in beautiful days of my dreams coming true. Actually I don't have words how to thank Mr. Palwe & his staff. Thank you very much.
Also I would like to give suggestion for beginners to start with Mr. Palwe & his team at Taurus Infotek for their Immigration process.

Thanking You

Mr. Gopi Bhujbal
Mrs. Seema Gopi Bhujbal
Master. Sayyam Bhujbal
Occupation: - Vehicle Painter
Comments :
I am very happy to get my visa. I was eagerly waiting for this day. It was my dad's dream to send me abroad. At last it is going to be true. Lots of my dreams are related to this migration. I would really like to thanks Mr. Manoj Palwe for guiding me on the right path.
It's the blessing of my parents and all my near and dear ones because of which I have got his 'Visa'.

Thank you once again.
Mr. Balu Pawar
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

My heartiest thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe, I had never thought that I would get visa. Being a military person it was very difficult to get TRA assessment. But it was only due to Mr. Manoj Palwe’s encouragement, my dream came true.

I have very little knowledge about immigration. I had returned empty handed from other immigration services as they felt that my case is not possible. But only due to the genuine efforts and correct presentation of my case, Mr. Palwe helped me to get visa.

Thanks once again.

Mr. Abhijeet Ralebhat
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :
My dream came true to get an Australian Visa because of Taurus Infotek. And I am very grateful to Mr. & Mrs. Palwe for their help and guidance for the same. I wish them best luck. .

Mr. Rajendra Ghoderao
Mrs. Nilam Rajendra Ghoderao
Master Viraj Rajendra Ghoderao
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

I am very happy to get Australian Visa. I am thankful to Taurus Infotek and especially to my best friend and my agent Mr. Pratap Patil and Mrs. Suprabha Patil, who have guided me and helped me a lot. My wife and me got good score in IELTS due to coaching by Mrs. Patil.
Once again I thank Mr. Patil family and Mr. Manoj Palwe.

Mr. Drumit Patel
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

Today is the happiest day in my life. It was a nice experience with sir and madam. Both are really caring and supportive, When ever I had any confusion at that time sir and madam really guided me. I will never forget these generous persons in my life.
Thanks a lot for making my path easier.

Mr. Tushar Vikas Vaidya
Occupation: - Business Machine Mechanic
Comments :

After long procedure I got visa. I am thankful to Manoj sir for helping me a lot. I observe that Mr.Palwe has solution on every critical problem. I would like to thanks to Mrs.Palwe, madam helped me a lot in improving my English.
I would like to thank god, because I found Taurus Infotek's site on internet. This was a big risk but, Mr.Palwe made it easy.

Mr. Ravikiran Jadhav
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

I am thankful to Palwe Sir, only because of sir I could get my visa. During the process I faced lot of problems related to my investigation. But, Palwe sir guided me very well so that I could get my visa. I was in the mind of giving up, but Palwe sir encouraged me so I could process further, When I started my process I didn’t have sufficient money to pay the fees but he never asked me for it neither did he stop process due to money. He is very kind person.
Thank God for giving me idea to visit Taurus Infotek.Thank you Sir.

Mr. Santosh Mate
Mrs. Swati Santosh Mate
Master Harsh Santosh Mate
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

I am really very thankful to Mr.& Mrs. Manoj Palwe. Palwe sir is always very helpful and he always encouraged me for positive thinking. There were many problems in my case but Palwe sir solved those problems and advised me for the same from time to time.
I am also thankful to Palwe madam because under her guidance I cleared my IELTS exam very well. Once again I thank both of them and wish both of them good luck and get more and more success in their life.


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