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Mr. Prasad Bhalchandra Singde
Mrs. Payal Prasad Singde
Miss. Raakhi Prasad Singde
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

The entire process was successfully completed much before the stipulated time. This could happen only due to Mr. Palwe's guidance, support, co-operation, positive approach, last but not the least…"Through Thorough knowledge about the subject". My hearty best wishes to Mr. Palwe and his talented team.


Mr. Vijay Kale
Mrs. Sonal Vijay Kale
Master. Vedant Vijay Kale
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

Thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe for giving help to go to Australia. Also I am thankful to his staff.I would like to advise for new immigrants to start procedure for immigration as early as possible.Your employment papers are important and you should take IELTs seriously. Taurus Infotek can give you IELTs coaching at it's different branches.

Once again thanks to Mr. Palwe and his team

Mr. Ganesh Surwase
Occupation: - Electronic Instrument Tradesperson (Special Class)
Comments :
It was my dream to migrate to Australia because my friends who are there are very happy with their job & lifestyle. I thought that it would never be possible but Mr. Manoj Palwe helped me. My dream has come true and the entire credit goes to Mr. Palwe. I would always be short of words to thank Mr. Palwe. I will never forget him.

Mr. Vijay Machkar
Occupation: -


Comments :

I thank a lot to Taurus Infotek & Mr. Palwe. They all made my dreams come true. It was highly impossible for me to even think of Australia, without Mr. Palwe's help. He is very helpful & kind towards his client. Once again thanks to Mr. Palwe & his team.

Mr. Abhay Bhosekar
Mrs. Sheryll Abhay Bhosekar
Master Abhishek Abhay Bhosekar
Occupation: - Chef
Comments :
It was sheer co-incidence that I met Mr. Palwe, and never felt neglected ever since. A very humble and knowledgeable person hard to find in this world of fake agents . Mr. Palwe is a unique gem. I envy his follow up and his perfection. I and my family are thankful to him for his co-operation.

Mr. Gitesh Deshmukh
Mrs. Gauri Gitesh Deshmukh
Miss. Soundarya Gitesh Deshmukh
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

I got the perfect sculptor to mould my future and that is Mr. Palwe He is a humble, caring, and kind hearted human. He has helped me during all my needs in the immigration process. Experiencing this I have suggested many of my immigration colleagues to approach Mr. Palwe and I have received great thanks from them for suggesting Taurus Infotek. My best wishes to Mr. Palwe I shall always remember him after my parents.

Mr. Vijay Parge
Mrs. Archana V. Parge
Master Virag V. Parge
Master Yash V. Parge
Occupation: - Gen. Electronic Instrument Tradesperson
Comments :

Taurus Infotek provided good consultation services for migration services to Australia. I recommended it to many people and would recommend to all for its professional services. I settled well since 2005 and enjoying Australian way of life. Many thanks to Mr Palwe for his professional advice during my migration process.

Vijay Parge

Mr. Rahul Jadhav
Occupation: - Automotive Electrician
Comments :
I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe, for his guidance to process my PR Visa for Australia. He is a Patient Listener and understands the nitty-gritty’s of immigration process. He also has a very transparent and Professional attitude, which helps in getting the visa at the earliest.

Thanks to Palwe Sir and Taurus Infotek Team.

Mr. Sunil Contractor
Mrs. Leena Sunil Contractor
Miss. Bhavini Sunil Contractor
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

My family and I are very happy and thankful to Mr. Palwe and Mr. Patil [close friend] for helping me to get process visa successfully. Mr. Palwe and Mr. Patil are very good & polite in nature. They are very helpful in every institution and give ways to solve problems legally and in a proper manner. So once again I thank Mr. Palwe and Mr. Patil for all the support.

Mr. Amol Sevekari
Mrs. Aswini A. Sevekari
Miss Megha A. Sevekari
Occupation: - Gen. Electronic Instrument Tradesperson
Comments :

The Process of immigration is completed in 7 months in my case. I think this is the best way to know how co-operative Mr. Palwe has been to me and my family. We are really thankful for everything he did for us.

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