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Mr. Kiran Suryawanshi
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

I was under pressure of my visa process for last 19 months. But finally I got visa for Australia becuase of Mr. Palwe's efforts. My dream came true. So I am very happy today and I should thank to Mr. Palwe for the help in my process.

Thanks a lot sir !!

Mr. Arun Shirgaonkar
Occupation: -General Electrician
Comments :

Respected Palwe sir, I was not confident about this process but Manoj Ithape & Palwe sir gave me confidence and right way to achieve my dream. There was some problem in my immigration process but Palwe sir handled it smoothly & help me to reach my destination. So I am very thankful to Palwe sir & all members of Taurus Infotek.

Thank you very much.........

Mr.Ganesh Sabale
Occupation: -

Vehicle Painter

Comments :

It's like dream come true, for this I heartly thank to Mr. Palwe. Because of their proper guidance & helpful nature it is eassy to get familiar with them.

Today I am happy on my decision about Immigrate to Australia & start the process with Mr.Palwe. Once again I thank to Mr. Palwe & his team member of Taurus Infotek.

Thank you very much sir!!

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Mr.Yogesh Waghole
Occupation: - Machinist
Comments :

It was my dream to work in Australia & today It come true because of Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek. It was really wonderful experience with them.

During this process I was frustrated & felt unconfident but whenever I met Mr. Palwe I feel better.

Today I am really proud of myself. Once again I thanks to Mr. Palwe and Mr. & Mrs. Patil.

Mr.Maruti Kusalkar
Occupation: - Welder
Comments :

I am very happy to get permanent resident visa for Australia.In the whole process of my migration Mr. Manoj Palwe always gave me good guidance. Also he always motivated me.The dream of my life of getting my dream visa for Australia came true only because of Mr. Manoj Palwe. I will never forget him.I am always thankful to Mr. Palwe & all staff members of Taurus Infotek.

Thank you very much sir............

Mr.Rahul Pawar
Occupation: - Machinist
Comments :

I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe for his guidance. He helped me in providing this life time opportunity of working in Australia. I thank to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek. He guided me very well in my visa process.

Also thank to Mr. & Mrs. Patil for their valuable guidance. Once again thanks a lot sir !!!!


Mr.Luxman Tayshete
Occupation: - Cook
Comments :

Respected Sir,
We Mr.&Mrs. Tayshete are very thankful of Mr.Manoj Palwe and his team for getting us migration visa for Australia.
World is going through some serious terrorist activities,resulting migration procedures are getting very complicated and time consuming,despite of that Taurus infotek stood firm and their experience in migration process helped us to get visa without having much difficulties.
During visa procedure Mr.Palwe and his team was in contact with us timely,providing professional and valuable service.
Once again we thank Mr.Palwe & his team for completing our dream of working abroad.Also wishing the team to continue their good professional work.

Mr.Arjun Barde
Occupation: - General Electrician
Comments :

Today is the most important day in my life. It is turning point of my life & my parent's also. All credit goes to Mr. Palwe. He guided me properly at every step. Because of him I got my visa for Australia & I am going now. I can't forget him in my whole life.

Thanks again!!!

Mr.Vishal Gokule
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

Finally I got my visa today. All credit for my immigration process goes to none other than the man who told me "Today's realities are... Yesterday's decision.""Tomorrow's realities will be.. Today's decision."

I started my process in Jan 2007 it takes more time compared to others, but Mr. Palwe always kept me cool & patient.

Today I am so happy that I can't Understand what to do? Its all because of Mr. Palwe's efforts. Thank to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek, for their future.

Mr.Balu Jadhav
Occupation: - Vehicle Painter
Comments :

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe. Today I got my visa for Australia. I was very confused before starting the Australian Migration Process & I had lot of question regarding Migration Process. But when I met Mr.Palwe then I got confidence that he will help me to get my visa & I know that "well began is half done."

I know Mr. Manoj Palwe is behind this success so I am very thankful to Taurus Infotek. He always co-operated me. I will be always thankful to Taurus Infotek.


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