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Mr.Pradeep Theurkar

Occupation: -

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

Comments :

Today I got my visa for Australia, for last two years I was waiting for this day. I thank to Mr. Palwe for this. This is my biggest Achievement.

I thank again to Mr.Palwe & I really respect him. He changed my life.

Mr.Nitin Bhosale
Occupation: -Welder
Comments :

I thank Mr. Palwe for his guidance & support. Because of him I got great success in my life. He is my life turner. Now my dream came true. I got visa for Australia. All credit goes to Mr. Palwe. I have no words to express my feelings. Mr. Palwe & his staff is lucky for me.

Myself & my family will not forget Mr. Palwe & his support in my case. Once again I want to say that only because of Mr. Palwe I got this GOLDEN TURN in my life.

Mr.Rahul Janbade
Occupation: - Printing Machinist
Comments :

From 2002, my ambition was to go Australia. In my visa processing, I had faced lot of difficulties. But finally I got the visa with support and guidance of Mr. Palwe. I was waiting for such wonderful time. Mr. Palwe handled my case very efficiently. Mr.Palwe and Mr.Jahagirdar helped me and my wife in clearing ILETS. I don't have words to express my feeling, my dream came true. I got visa for my family.

I wish Mr. Palwe to continue their work and help people who really intend to go abroad. I wish all members of Taurus Infotek & Mr. Palwe , Good luck for the future.

Thanks once again from me and my family.

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Mrs. Nita Janbade
Comments :

As per dreamvisas punch line "Today's realities are... Yesterday's decision Tomorrow's realities will be... Today's decision" I am proud and happy to say that I have taken a right decsion to choose TAURUS Infotech for Australia Visa process. Now I am an Australian resident and without Mr. Manoj Palwe sir's help it wouldn't be possible. Best of Luck for the everyone who are in process of PR. Thanks a lot!!

Mr. Ajay Patil
Occupation: - General Electrician
Comments :

Today I am very happy becuase I got my visa for Australia. I thank to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team. Manoj Palwe really supported me a lot in my process, which I would not get in any organisation.

Thanks again for everything.!!

Mr. Akshay Mehendale
Occupation: - General Electrician
Comments :

First of all I would like to thank Mr. palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek for their guidance & support through my process.

Only because of Mr. Palwe's support my dream came to reality. Me & my family always be thankful to him.

Once again thank you.

Mr.Sunil Bhujang
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

I am very happy that I got visa for my dream Country Australia. I had always thought about Australia. My wish came true. I could not express my feelings in words. All credit goes to Mr. Palwe for supporting me & making my dream come true.

I would like to use this proverb now-"Try try until you succed & see one day success will kiss your feet", that is very true.


Mr.Vijaykumar Nalge
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe, who helped me to make my dream come true. I have no words to express my feelings.It was only Taurus Infotek which made my dream in reality.

I wish best of luck to Mr. Palwe & his team and also the applicant for the Immigration.

Mr.Rahul Bhandare
Occupation: - General Electrician
Comments :

Today I got my visa, so it is very special day for me. My dream came true. I have got Australian Visa. I give all credits to Mr. Palwe. I have no words to express my feelings. Mr. Palwe gave me confidence about my case. So it is possible.

Now I always give a reference of Taurus Infotek to my friends & relatives. I hearty thanks to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

Mr.Devidas Kshirsagar
Occupation: - General Mechanical Engineering Tradeperson
Comments :

We have been eagerly awaiting for our 'Visa'. Today Mr. Palwe gave me good news about my Visa Grant for Australia. We are so happy. My dream come true because of Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek.

We thank Mr. Palwe for his efforts and commitments, otherwise it is difficult to get visa for us. Thanks Once again.

Mr.Krishnaprakash Sharma
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

It was my dream to Migrate to Australia. It could not have been possible without support of Mr. Palwe & his team. He took constant efforts for my case. Because of him my dream come true now. I have no words to express my gratitude for palwe sir & his team of Taurus Infotek. I wish them all the best for future.

"I will always remmember Mr. Palwe in my Life"

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