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Mr.Mandar Marne
Occupation: -

Motor Mechanic

Comments :

I was not confident about my Visa. Mr. Palwe guided me very well, and then I got confidence. Today I got my visa so I am very happy. Visa processing is a good experience for me. I keep faith in process through Mr. Palwe. He gave me full support during the process.

I am also thankful to his team of Taurus Infotek.

Mr.Santosh Khedekar
Occupation: -General Electrician
Comments :

It is like dream come true. I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe & his team of Taurus Infotek who helped me for getting my Permanent Residence Visa for Australia. I give my best wishes & wish great success to Mr. Palwe in the future. I will co-operate by my side to Mr. Palwe & Taurus Infotek.

Thanks a lot again!!!!

Mr. Vijaykumar Patil
Occupation: - General Mech Engg Tradesperson
Comments :

It's a dream come true for me. I was always thinking to go abroad & now I am going so thank to Mr.Palwe. It comes true because of Mr. Palwe’s efforts & also blessings of my parents.

In this process I had faced many problems but Mr. Palwe helped me a lot & guided me properly. Now I am very happy, my family & me are very much thankful to Mr. Palwe & his team.

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Mr. Gorakhanath Tilekar
Occupation: - Metal Machinist (First Class)
Comments :

It was my dream to travel the whole world. Today I got permission to go ahead in the form of Australian visa & this all happened because of Mr. Palwe.

I think that this world is gift for you to experiece heaven. I strongly belive in god. So I trust on Mr. Palwe.

I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe & his team.

Mr. Mahesh Surve
Occupation: - Metal Machinist (First Class)
Comments :

Today my heart beating happiness is only due to my elder's blessing & proper guidance of Mr. Palwe. I saw a dream to migrate to Australia which is come true. I would like to suggest the upcoming candidates that they must follow Mr. Palwe's rules & provide information as per requirement.

And I am sure that everybody can get visa. See big dream always.

Thank you sir.

Mr. Yogesh Mane
Occupation: - General Mech Engg Tradesperson
Comments :

Before two years I had never thought about working in Australia. I noticed great change in my thinking & in my personality after meeting Mr. Palwe.

Today I got my visa only because of Mr. Palwe. I really thank Mr. Palwe & his team from the bottom of my heart I want to say "Thanks Sir".


Mr. Shivraj Wanganekar
Occupation: - Vehicle painter
Comments :

I am thankful to Mr.Palwe , who helped me to get my visa. It was my dream to work in Australia, today it came true. I am satisfied with the services they provided.

Thank you very much sir!!!

Mr. Sameerasab Akiwat
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

I am very thankful to Mr.Manoj Palwe who helped me to fullfill my dream to go to Australia. He guided me very well & solved my problems very efficiently and quickly.

I also thank to the team of Taurus Infotek who helped me in visa processing.

Thank you very much again sir & I wish very bright future to you.
Mr.Nileshkumar Satre

Mr.Shashikant Dhadge
Occupation: - Refrigeration & Airconditioning Mechanic
Comments :
Thank you very much for your great moral support and valuable guidance to get my Australian Visa.

Two years before, I had taken a decision with my family to migrate to Australia because of the bad condition and worst situations of employment in my trade  refrigeration and airconditioning. So I was preparing under your guidance and after two years I got my Visa.And my dream came true.

You have guided me in the best way in the critical condition.


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