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Mr. Ashish Apte

Occupation: -


Comments :

Today i got Visa and this thing is true only becuse of Mr.manoj sir. Really Sir give me lot of support in all manner which i wouldn't have got in any other organisation. I am very very thankful to him and i will always be having his blessing.

Ashish Apte

Mr. Samil Somyarajan
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :
When I thought of migrating to Australia it was just a dream for me. For fulfilling this Mr.Manoj Palwe and his team is responsible .So thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team to fulfilling my greatest dream.
Mr. Vivek Gaikwad
Mrs. Manisha Vivek Gaikwad
Occupation: - General Electrician
Comments :
We want to go to Australia to work
and live a secure life. Mr. Palwe is like good Friend.
He has made our process very smooth.
I basically liked the discipline and straight forwardness in him.

I can’t believe that we are going to our destination so early!

I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe and his team

Mr. Shailendra Kulkarni
Mrs. Swati Shailendra Kulkarni
Miss. Aditi Shailendra Kulkarni
Occupation: - Printing Machinist
Comments :

I am very thankful for the guidance & life time opportunity of working in Australia provided by Mr. Palwe Sir. He provided us with great guidance at every step in Visa Applications.

Mr. Palwe is very helpful & never misguiding. His experience is vast & he always tells us with future guidance & problems that we are going to face while applying.

I hope him & his Team a great future & one thing that comes in my mind is "Dreams come true in Taurus Infotek ".

Mr. Sameer Virkar
Mrs. Aasha Sameer Virkar
Master. Jaee Sameer Virkar
Occupation: - Painter & Decorator
Comments :

My joy knew no bounds and I felt extremely thrilled when I received a call from Mr. Palwe, informing me the arrival of our permanent residence ship visa for Australia.

He has made my dreams come true and me, my wife and my kid, we all are very thankful and obliged to have receive his kind co-operation and advice on every mile stone of this procedure.

This joy cannot be expressed in words. Thank you so much Mr. Palwe.

Mr. Sachin Zunje
Mrs. Poonam Zunje
Miss.Sanika Zunje
Master Sumedh Zunje
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

I am very happy to say that I can migrate to Australia, with my wife & two kids which was a dream to me a year before. Today it is a truth. Taurus Infotek is a place where you can trust & get the best result by very economical, time bound & efficient service. I am thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his staff to achieve my goal in a very short period. He is a calm, efficient, perfect guide with lots of patience.

Mr. Ganesh Mohan Thorat
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

I am honored to convey my gratitude to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his coligue Mr. Pratap Patil and whole Staff of Taurus Infotek, for the precious assistance and the service they made available to bring my dream of Australian Immigration into reality.

Thank You.

Mr. Basavraj Hiremath
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

Unbelievable but true that I have received my visa for which I came through lots of problems & spending lot of money / time but after coming to M/s Taurus Infotek I met the person with dynamic powers who made it possible, thanks to Mr. Palwe sir & the whole staff for making me to stand somewhere to make my carrier.

It is so kind of him that he made me think of doing it before which. I was too confused.

Thank you once again. It is the right genuine place where we are worth keeping Faith & Trust.

Mr. Abdul Ajim Shaikh Abbas
Occupation: - Welder
Comments :

It is very important to meet right person. I am very lucky to come at "TAURUS INFOTEK". It is your first step towards your bright future. I was having very little knowledge about immigration & I also lost my money at other immigration agency but I got my visa only because of Mr. Palwe.
Thank you,

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Mr. Shailesh R. Yelwande
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

I am very happy & glad to get my Visa. I am extremely feeling short of words to thank Taurus Infotek members especially to Mr. Manoj Palwe & Mr.Pratap Patil for their valuable guidance & support due to which it was possible to get my visa.

I heartily take the pleasure to wish all the Taurus Infotek team to reach on the highest peak to achieve 100% success for all the members who have registered.

This is an unforgetfull moment to me in life due to special efforts taken by Mr. Palwe & Mr. Patil.

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