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We are into Immigration Consultancy operating from Pune, India. Pune is a large city having a large number of skilled persons interested in migrating to Australia. We are mainly doing Immigration related work for Australia, Canada, Denmark and UK. We are having an excellent track record of more than 7years & Hundreds of our clients are successfully settled in Australia. We have got a good network of our own resources & contacts in Australia at DIAC, MARA, MIA & other important platforms.

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 Singapore is one of the best destinations for Indians seeking  greener pastures. Top    reason for working here is the higher  salary compared to India. It is located just3   hours away from  India. Climate here is same as in India so you don't need to  adjust.

  • How much can you earn here?

  If you are a degree holder of any course,   you are entitled to   earn a monthly   income of SG$1800(exchange rate of   SG$1=INR35) minimum. Salary has no   limit and you can earn up   to   several  thousands depending on your expertise and   position. They have the branch   of government called 'Ministry of   Manpower who sees to it that you are well   compensated   otherwise, they will not allow you to   be employed. Salary also   can   vary depending on the company that will hire you   and the   degree that you have.   Mostly IT personnel have the advantage   of having   the highest salary in all the fields.

  • How to go to Singapore?

  ONE option is by applying for a long term social visit   pas or the  EPEC. If you   have this pass, you are allowed to stay in Singapore hh for a   year to look and apply   for a job. Applying for EPEC is online  and free. Visit the   MOM website   www.mom.gov.sg for more  details.

  • How to apply jobs?

 Here in   Singapore, jobs are posted 95% online. T"here are  various web sites that   you can   check for available jobs. You may  try visiting those sites and check if   you're in   demand here. All  you need is a resume with attached photo. Although   application   is done online, you need to be here before you start emailing  them or it   will be   wasted. They will entertain applicant who are  in Singapore only.

  • How to work in Singapore?

  Unlike other countries, you are not binded by contract once you  are   working.   You will receive same privileges and benefits as the  local personnel.   Probationary   period is ranging from 3 months up  to 6 months before you become a   regular   employee. There are  different work passes that you can have depending on   the  salary. S Pass is given for workers with salary of SG$1800 up to  SG$2499   while   E Pass is given for workers with salary of  SG$2500 upward.

  • Do you have a future in Singapore?

 After working for 6 months, you can apply for a Permanent  Residence pass.   Once approved, you can now bring your  immediate family and   stay in Singapore.   Having this pass also  entitles you to buy and own a house.   Singapore Citizenship   can  be attained if you stay for straight 2 years as Permanent  Resident.

  • Where to stay?

  If you are a tourist and not looking for job, hotel may be   the  best place for you.   But if you are a jobseeker with a limited  budget, you may   try a hostel, a bed   space or rent the whole  room on per day or per head basis. For   a hostel, prices   start at  $13 per day. For a bed space, prices starts at $10 up per   day. If  you   want some privacy and wants to rent the whole room, you  can do so.   Prices for   that start at $300 up to $700 depending  on the location, room size and   amenities.   It's up to you to  negotiate with the owner how many persons will stay on   that  room.

  • How much is the cost of living?

  Living in Singapore is also expensive.   However, there are lots of  ways to save   and it depends on you.

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