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Mr. Gautam P

Occupation: -

Linux Specialist

Comments :

It all started when i participated for a open house seminar for "Amey International" and was thrilled to hear that moving to Australia was possible. Though when i personally met them i was given information which sounded impossible that i can ever go to Australia.

After disappointment when i was browsing the newspaper i came across Taurus Infotek. I did a small research on this and made an appointment with Mr. Palwe. I would say it was worth the time. Mr. Palwe even though we were strangers made me feel that i can make my dreams come true. He gave all the right numbers on how much it will cost me, how much time it will take and what support he would give. I was impressed in that meeting and immediately decided to move ahead. That was the point that changed my life.

Dream Visa team along with Mrs. Palwe supported and guided me at every point of the processing. The best part was Mr. Palwe trusted me and i trusted him in return. With less than a year of hard work and support by Dream Visa team I had my Visa completed. Today i have my VISA.

Some of the strong points of Dream Visa team which I liked were.

- Continuous follow up on the issue and closure
- Genuine feedback and support on any issue that you come across
- Personalized guidance
- Never make you feel that they are behind your money. You don't need enough money if you have a Dream. Just meet Mr. Palwe
- Very professional

Overall Mr. Palwe and his team is the best immigration consultancy you can ever find. i thank everyone who have worked on this case to make it a success.

"Time and Tide wait for no one" ,  If you have a dream then "Dream Visas" is your first place to visit now.  



Mr. Prasad Goski
Occupation: -Oracle Specialist
Comments :

It was my dream to go to Australia. Today I am delighted to get the visa. My sincere thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team. In spite of some hiccups they have done a good job of getting it done without any quires.
I wish all the best to Taurus Infotek & Mr. Manoj Palwe.

Thanks a lot for every thing.


Mr. Suhail Khan
Occupation: - Network Security Specialist
Comments :

We are very happy to have received Australian visa for permanent residence.
We sincerely appreciate Mr. Palwe & his team for professionally guiding us on each stage of process.

I liked the confidence of Mr. Palwe for his co-operative nature & always composed & pleasant personality.


Thank you.............


Mr. Jasdev Kundi
Occupation: - Software Designer
Comments :

We would like to thank Mr. Palwe for guidance & support time to time and made our case "Possible" which was very complicated.

We like your style of working and appriciate your dedicated work & prompt service.

Thanks a lot to make our dream into reality.


Mr. Adil Dastur
Occupation: - IT Manager
Comments :

I met many Agents in Bombay for details related to Immigration process. Finally my search came to an end when an associate referred me to Mr. Manoj Palwe.

Mr. Manoj Palwe is not only an excellent immigration agent with systematic understanding and knowledge of the process but also a very genuine person. I took my own time to go through the process but he was very patient and guided me all along till my visa was granted.

Mr. Manoj Palwe is more of a friend than just an immigration agent. Cheers and All the Best to Manoj Bhai and rest of the team at Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Kamlesh Patel
Mrs. Jagruti K. Patel
Occupation: - Software Professional
Comments :

I had completed my B.Sc., P.G.D.B.A., and M.C.M. and M.C.D.B.A. After completion of education I started working but I was not satisfied with my job and my aim was to go to abroad because I want to help my family & friends. I met Mr. Palwe & Mrs. Palwe they both helped me a lot and guided me in my whole immigration & IELTS preparations. Mr. Palwe gave me proper guideline and because of that I am able to get visa to Australia. All credit goes to them. They helped me personally. Although I am not from a rich family, they supported me a lot, I pray to God that they continue their work and help whom are really intended to go to abroad. I am thankful to them because they helped me and my wife for IELTS preparation & immigration process. At last I have no words to say thanks. I can’t forget their great help.


Mrs. Janhavi Amit Anturkara
Mr. Amit Anand Anturkara
Occupation: - Aanalyst Programmer
Comments :

Me and my husband had done our BE and were working as Software engineers when we decided to migrate to Australia. We approached many consultants who were discouraging and not ready to take up our case. Then we approached Tauras Infotek and Manoj Palwe guided us and showed us the right approach. If we had not approached Manoj  Palwe Australia would have been just a dream for us.

Thanks and Regards,

Janhavi Anturkar

Mr. Sriram Laxman
Occupation: - Applications and Analyst Programmer
Comments :

Immigrating to another country was always my dream & Taurus Infotek has helped me to realize that dream. I had constraints of getting Permanent Resident (PR) before doing my MBA in Australia, Now I will go there & work before the course starts. W hat impressed me the most was that work was going on even if there were financial problem s . Money was never a Criteria, I thank Palwe Sir for helping me to achieve my dreams of going to i Australia.

Mr. Vaibhav Naik
Mrs. Sujata V. Naik
Miss. Tanvi V. Naik
Occupation: - System Analyst
Comments :

I still remember that day in May 2003, when I first met Mr.Palwe in Mumbai near MacDonald's in Bandra. Mr.Manoj Palwe assured me , that I would get the PR visa for Australia.
Since then I have been in regular touch with him & we have worked together in up's and down's in my visa process. My Opinion about Mr.Palwe is, he is very professional & calm person. He always gives courage to his clients during tough times.
He worked with me breaking international barriers, while I was in the USA for few years. It has been a pleasant experience with him.

Mr Palwe , Thanks a lot for all your support & help.

Mr. Vaibhav Naik

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