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Mr. Prasad Paranjapae

Mrs. Aarti Paranjapae

Master. Sushrut Paranjapae
Miss. Pournima Paranjapae
Occupation: - SAP Specialist
Comments :

Finally….!!! We received the golden letter that told us about our PR grant.
Wow! What a relief and what a feeling!!

I remember we decided to take the plunge of applying for Australian PR Subclass 136 Independent, sometime in June of 2006. Did some surfing on the net to look for ‘Experts’ who can help us reach the goal. That’s where I got to know Mr. Palwe and Taurus Infotek. Also this is the same team that made the dream of my sister for getting visa for Australia real.

The first impression was ‘These people seem to know the subject’ by looking at their website ‘’. We Drove down to Pune from Mumbai to meet Mr. Palwe and in next ½ hour all our queries were answered satisfactorily. We came out as customers of Taurus Infotek. Thanks a lot for all the help without you it would have been very difficult to reach the goal!!



Mr. Siddharth singh Negi
Mrs. JyotiBali
Occupation: - Software Designer
Comments :
Mr. Palwe has made it possible for me to migrate to Australia, where I can settle with the rest of my family . I am very grateful to him for making this happen .

Thank you Mr. Palwe.


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Mr. Atul Jamdade
Mrs. Dipalie A. Jamdade
Miss. Ashetta Atul Jamdade
Comments :


Immigrating aspirants,

 Please find a short note of friendly advise about Mr. Manoj Palwe & Taurus Infotek.

 Mr. Manoj Palwe of Taurus Infotek is very helpful & Kind.

Out path towards immigrating to Australia would had been a dream only without his assistance. His timely help, support and valuable guidance made our dream come true. We highly appreciate the efforts taken by Mr. Manoj Palwe in handling our case efficiently and effectively. We also feel this chance would surely be a turning point in our professional and social life.

An old saying goes

“Ships are safest in the dockyards, but is is not what ships are meant for”.

Mr. Manoj has helped us in exploring our hidden potentials and has also played a major catalytical role in setting the path towards our journey of success.

We sincerely wish Mr. Manoj Palwe and Taurus Infotek good luck for their future assignments and upcoming projects.

What Taurus meant for us –

T = Trustworthy
A = Admirable
U =unexceptionable
R = Reliable
U = up thrust
S = Success



Mr. Ravinder Singh Ghai
Occupation: - Software Engineer
Comments :
I got into the professional relationship with Mr. Palwe some 4-5 months ago. Before entering into the relationship, I studied Pune market quite thoroughly for finding the right Immigration consultant for me. I experienced a clear difference in certain factors between Taurus & other immigration organization in Pune.

The most important factor, which convinced me, were his professional style of working. Complete & detailed one-to-one level guidance , reasonable & flexible payment facility and last but not least is the “personal touch” which he provides to all his clients. My immigration process for Australia is going on with him.

I am greatly thankful to him for all his efforts in making my case a “success”.    


Mr. Aniruddha Govind Joshi
Mrs.Piyusha Aniruddha Joshi
Master. Ameya Aniruddha Joshi
Occupation: - Applications and Analyst Programmer
Comments :

I am realy impressed with the knowledge and expertise shown by Taurus Infotek, in the processing of my migration application to Australia. I am really thankful to them.

Wishing you all the best.

Aniruddha Joshi

Mr. Gajanan Kulkarni
Mrs. Suvarna G. Kulkarni
Occupation: - Systems Programmer
Comments :

We are through with the immigration process!!! Thanks a lot to Mr. Manoj Palwe for his professional advice, help and support throughout the process. One thing I really liked is he always makes sure that all necessary documents are submitted while filling the case to avoid further delays. That always expedites the process.

Thanks and all the best to Taurus Infotek.


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