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We are into Immigration Consultancy operating from Pune, India. Pune is a large city having a large number of skilled persons interested in migrating to Australia. We are mainly doing Immigration related work for Australia, Canada, Denmark and UK. We are having an excellent track record of more than 7years & Hundreds of our clients are successfully settled in Australia. We have got a good network of our own resources & contacts in Australia at DIAC, MARA, MIA & other important platforms.

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    The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a quota-based entrant     scheme in Hong Kong that was implemented in the year 2006     This is meant for skilled individuals and entrepreneurs who wish     to stay in Hong Kong in order to pursue professional career and     start up businesses respectively. To be eligible to secure entry     into the port city under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme,     applicants must satisfy a number of prerequisites, along with     clearing a points-based test and competing for quota allocation.

1.Age :

    Applicants must be minimum 18 years old at the time of filing     application.

2.Financial Requirements:

    Applicants must be capable of supporting themselves     financially in getting accommodation, as well as providing support     to their dependants.


    Applicants must boast a good character and must not possess     any criminal record or previous negative immigration record in     Hong Kong. The applicant should be able to provide Police     clearance certificate for all countries where he/she has stayed for     more than 12 months in last 10 years.

4.Language Proficiency:

     Applicants must have the proficiency on written, as well as     spoken English or Chinese. Applicants with a score of average of     6.0 in IELTS are eligible to apply under QMAS.

5.Educational Qualification:

    Applicants must have a good background when it comes to     education. Ideally, an applicant should have an undergraduate     degree, earned from a recognized university/institution in first     class.If an applicant does not possess a degree, his/her technical     qualifications, professional experience and achievements re taken     into consideration. Applicants with higher post graduate degrees     stand an excellent chance in getting application accepted.

  • Point based test

    Applicants meeting the basic eligibility criteria as mentioned     above must meet the minimum pass mark requirements under a     points-based test system. The minimum pass mark is subject to     change without notice.

  • Option 1

    General Points Test Under this test, points are awarded on the     basis of a number of factors,such as:


    Younger the better, but those in early 30's get the maximum     advantage

2.Academic/professional qualifications:

    Higher the qualifications, better it is. Degree qualifications in first     class and honors are favorably considered. Those with master's     degree or double master's degree or still higher qualification like     PhD have a definite advantage.

3.Work experience:

    Applicants with decision making capability stand the best chance.     More the numbers of years of experience, better it is!

4.Language proficiency:

    Principal applicant is expected to have a minimum score of 6.0     average score under the IELTS factor. . Family factors such as     spousal qualifications and number of children and their age. The     minimum passing mark under the General Points Test is 80 out of     total 165 points.

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