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Mr.Mehulkumar Panchal

Mrs. Heena Mehulkumar Panchal

Occupation: - Electronics Engineer
Comments :

Dear Sir,

We are very happy to know that we are granted Australian Visa.

We have received a very honest and sincere support from Taurus Infotek during our process for Australian Visa. When we had approached Taurus Infotek, we had no idea about the procedure and our feeling was that it is very difficult to get visa. But Shri Manoj Palwe Sir had the great confidence that he will get the visa for us. We had started with IELTS exam and then with visa process through Taurus Infotek. Step by step we have achieved the target with the good support from Shri. Palwe Sir, today we got Australian Visa.

We would specially like to thank Shri. Palwe Sir, Who helped us in our bad financial position and never forced me to pay the due money and never delayed my visa process for my default. This is the great support we got from him and without that, it was difficult what we have achieved today.

We would like to thank all the members of Taurus Infotek for their support and guidance provided during the process.

Thanking you, Yours Truly

Mehul Panchal & Heena Panchal


Mr. Sandeep Kaul
Occupation: - Civil Engineer
Comments :
Your faith in the case is highly appreciated, Thanks !



Mr. Pankaj Patole
Occupation: - Civil Engineer
Comments :

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Mr. Shashank Deshpande
Mrs. Pournima S. Deshpande
Miss. Shama S. Deshpande
Occupation: - Production Engineer
Comments :
We all are extremely pleased with the knowledge level & the total support provided by Mr. Palwe Sir & his team for last 10 months. None of the information was hidden & always we found them very cooperative during the entire process.

I am particularly thankful to him for completing the entire migration process in the prescribed time limits.

I found SIR a very punctual about time & I think he could manage these things only with his commitments.

Thank you once again.
Mr. Parag Chumble
Mrs. Deepali Chumble
Miss. Riya Chumble
Occupation: - Civil Engineer
Comments :

We approached “Taurus Infotek” with totally blank mind about this Immigration process but Mr. Palwe cleared all our doubts and guided us very nicely.

We found him very much experienced and skilled person in his work of getting visa for his clients in spite of a few difficulties.

We are very much thankful to him for making our dream come true.

Thank you.

Mr. Mithun Chakraborty
Mrs. Bondita Mithun Chakraborty
Occupation: - Bio-Medical Engineer
Comments :


Today, it is one of the best moment of my life and all the credit goes to Mr. Palwe as he is a very professional as well as a nice person. My case was very difficult but he helped me a lot to get my visa for Australia. Me and my family will always be grateful to him .

Thank you once again.

With best regards,

Mithun Chakraborty

Mr. Yogesh Shinde
Mrs. Bhagyashri Yogesh Shinde
Master. Mithil Yogesh Shinde
Occupation: - Civil Engineer
Comments :
I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for Mr Palwe and his team. Wow! This is awesome feeling !!! I got my visa today.
All credit goes to Mr Palwe. There is huge flood of migration agents in the market but there is no one like Mr Palwe ( yeah I spent 2 months before handling my case to Sir. I have no word to describe him. I got skill assessment after 25 days and got PR within 6 months. He keeps updating about your case. I'm very grateful to him for handling my case very swiftly. How can I forget Mrs. Palwe's coaching for IELTS.
Thanks again Mr Palwe and Team.

Mr. Prashant Balkrishna Dorge
Mrs.Swati Prashant Dorge
Master. Harsh Prashant Dorge
Occupation: - Mechanical Engineer
Comments :
Very methodical, systematic, resourceful, excellent grasping of essence & technicalities in Immigration business. Would definitely recommend others.

Thanks once again.
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