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Mr.Ravindra Yamagar
Occupation: -


Comments :

Thanks to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team. I got my visa for Australia Mr. Manoj Palwe and his staff made my process very fast and easy. Also helped me in every problem.

Once again Thank you................

Mr.Kalpesh Surve
Occupation: -Welder
Comments :

Thank you very much to you and your staff for making my visa process fast and easy. Also thanks from my family , because of your fast process you not only completed my wish but also my family's wish.

Once again Thanks

Mr.Shashank Chaure
Occupation: - Welder
Comments :

This is the day I was waiting for two and half years. But now everything is OK. I am very happy & thanks to Taurus Infotek & his team for given tremendous co-operation.

Once again thanks....

Mr.Chandrakant Zarekar
Occupation: - Machinist
Comments :

I would like to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe for his guidance & support for achieving my dreams.

Special thanks to Mrs. Palwe Madam for her guidance in IELTS. Thanks to all the Taurus Infotek team for supporting me.

Thank you very much...................

Mr.Kirankumar Deshmukh
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

I would recommend Manoj Palwe as he is the best in the industries and has excellent knowledge about immigration. In my case I much appreciate his effort regarding my permanent residency visa for Australia. It was a very difficult case which he has done successfully and also I should say thanks to all staff member and their effort.

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Mr.Avinash Chakre
Occupation: - Welder
Comments :

Thanks for your all support & guidance through this visa process. My process was rejected first time and it was very difficult to solve but Mr. Manoj Palwe guided very nicely and I got my visa.

I am very happy because he is very clean and fast in process. Without his guidance I could not have got the visa.

Once again thank you............


Mr.Ganesh Kirve
Occupation: - Refrigeration and Airconditioning Mechanic
Comments :

Thanks a lot for all guidance & help given to me for getting visa for Australia. I have never expected that my procedure will get through as fast as done by Taurus Infotek.

Once again I would like to thank you & your helpful staff to get me the visa.

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Mr.Hanumant Jagtap
Occupation: - General Electrician
Comments :

Thank you so much to Mr. Manoj Palwe from me & my family. He is a person who helped me lot to achieve my dream. He taught me what is patience. He always gave me courage & understood my problem.

Once again Thanks to all......

Mr.Ganesh Bhandurge
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

This is the day on which my dream is coming true and this is because of Mr. Manoj Palwe ,who guided me from time to time.

My whole family is overhelmed and we thank to Mr. & Mrs. Palwe from our heart.

Once again thank you.........

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Mr.Nilesh Chavan
Occupation: - Metal Machinist
Comments :

I am really thankful for your guidance and efforts taken for processing my entire visa and other formalities, which eventually resulted in successful completion.
Since beginning of my career I was dreaming of settling abroad for better prospects, your major contribution helped me to achieve my goal in life and dreams.

SUCCESS means Team Work... If one person is successful that means there are several people behind his success like wife, parents and friends, thus you have also been an important person in this team.

Thanks for everything...

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