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Mr. Rijil Narayanan
Occupation: - ToolMaker
Comments :

First let me thank you and your crew for all these help executed to achieve the visa for Australia. I remember once my friend; who is in Adelaide; told me that it's really hard to get the visa, and today when I look back I feel really lucky for meeting the right person and the right team.

I had heard a lot that TAURUS INFOTEK is the best in the concerned area of migration work and there is no doubt that its proven a hundred times because I never faced any problem to achieve my goal, that also in a very short time span.

I remember on the first day you told me that it works like a family or a chain in which there's no end it just continues and I am really happy to be a member of this proud family of satisfied clients of Taurus Infotek
Thanking you once again


Mr. Sanjay Alulkar
Mrs.Swati Sanjay Alulkar
Master.Kaustubh Sanjay Alulkar
Miss.Kalyani Sanjay Alulkar
Occupation: -Metal Machinist Tradesperson
Comments :
Today is a very special day for me because I have got visa for Australia. Actually it was impossible to get visa without help of " TAURUS INFOTEK ". Mr. Manoj Palwe helped me and supported me . I cannot give thanks in words only because there are no words to thank him. Some time, I was very tensed for my process but Mr. Palwe guided me and supported me at each level.

I am really thankful once again to Mr.Palwe.

Sanjay Alulkar

Mr. Bapu Baliram Bandal
Mrs. Naina Bapu Bandal
Occupation: -

Metal Casting Tradesperson

Comments :
It was great job done by Mr. Manoj Palwe. My case of Visa application was a critical case, but the guidance and knowledge of Mr. Palwe overcame all difficulties. I thank Manoji for all his support from day one when I visited his office. He helped me in all ways i.e. financially and with his guidance in every step of my visa application.

I once more thank to Mr. Manoj Palwe and his team at Taurus I nfotek and hope our relation will last forever.


Mr. Kennedy Peter Cardozo

Mrs. Anne Kennedy Cardozo
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

We are thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe for helping us to make our dream come true. It was my dream from early day's to settle some day in Australia, which was successful because of Mr. Palwe's guidance. He helped me do things independently even though my brother is well settled out there.
Once again I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart. And wish him all the very best in future.

May God Bless You Mr. Palwe.

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Mr. Mahesh Joshi
Mrs. Hema Mahesh Joshi
Master. Pramath Mahesh Joshi
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :
It is really a dream come true. I am very much thankful to Palwe Sir for his sincere and patient guidance. It is his attitude which makes it possible for anyone approach him for any kind of help needed. Main thing about "palweji" is that, he believes in his actions rather than talk, which helps a lot of people who aspire to migrate. Once again thankful to Mr. Palwe.

Mr. Hanumant Baba Pedkar
Mrs. Surekha Hanumant Pedkar
Occupation: - Welder
Comments :

I am very , very happy. I do not know how to express my feelings or how to thank Palwe Sir. He guided me every time. He showed me right way in my case. If he had not supported me, I would not have success in my Australia Visa Process.
Heartily I thank . Palwe Sir and His "Taurus Infotek" Staff.

Once again Thanks Mr. Manoj Palwe

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Mr. Hunkar K. Kadam
Occupation: - General Mechanical Engineering Tradespersons
Comments :

I remember the time [ My first ]. My first TRA was failed because I had tried on myself. I was worried as it was impossible to get without a positive assessment. But today I am so happy to say that I got my visa and for all this all credit goes to Mr. Manoj Palwe. He has handled my migration process in a very efficient and satisfactory.

I am very thankful to him. And always thankful to his "Taurus Infotek" team

Mr. Kamlesh Phatak
Mrs. Bharati Kamlesh Phatak
Master OM Kamlesh Phatak
Occupation: - Metal Machinist
Comments :

I am extremely happy as I got Australian PR visa. The credit for this goes to Mr. Palwe as each & every step of processing he gave me confidence & moral support. It helped me to keep my mind cool. I also want to thank Mrs. Palwe who really developed my English in a professional way.

Again thanks to Mr. Palwe and his Taurus Infotek team.

Mr. Maruti Katke
Occupation: - Electronic Engineering Technician
Comments :

I would like to recommend Mr.Manoj Palwe for his Knowledge, honesty and transparency throughout the Immigration Process. He really goes to the bottom of documents and achieves success for clients. Personally, In my Immigration case He gave me the confidence and way to head the life ahead. . At the initial stage of my career in Australia. Manoj Sir helped me for the accommodation and gain social contacts. Change was hard for me but was smooth because of his experience in field. I lived in Australia for about 8 years and really enjoyed different work culture, weather and friendly people. I personally think Mr. and Mrs. Palwe are great human beings. I suggest Mr. Palwe as a friendly Migration consultant to all aspirants who are trying to migrate to Australia.

Mr. Shailesh Salem
Mrs. Suchitra Shailesh Salem
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

Thank you very much for helping me for getting the Australian Visa. Mr. Palwe is a very systematic person who takes care of all the documentation with neatness and preciseness of a clock. Everything has a proper record and his understanding of the migration process is excellent. Thank you sir for your guidance and understanding with me. Thank you Mrs. Palwe for the patience you have shown while taking my exam for IELTS and giving me confidence to do well. I will always be in debt for all these good deeds.

Thank you and your team at Taurus Infotek.
Shailesh Salem.

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