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Mr. Mohan Nambiar

Mrs.Smitha Mohan Nambiar

Ms. Shruti M. Nambiar
Ms. Shrishti M. Nambiar
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

I am very very happy. I do not know how to express my feelings and how to thank Mr. Manoj Palwe. I have been trained for my IELTS through his institution. He gave me faith and courage, how to keep patience. I wish everyone should get such a good “Consultant” who guides and helps you to fulfill your dreams come true. “Thank You”


Mr. Haridas Gulab Rane
Mrs. Madhuri H. Rane
Miss Sumitra H. Rane
Master Shantanu Rane
Occupation: -Motor Mechanic
Comments :

It was my dream to immigrate to Australia. But I was very doubtful about my performance in English language Mr. Palwe inspired me and encouraged me to start the procedure. Today only because of sir's inspiration my dream is fulfilled. Mrs. Palwe and other staff have played a major role to make my wish come true. All members of the "Taurus Infotek" are very helpful and sincere.

Thanks to all.

Mr. Raviraj Agashe
Mrs. Smita R. Agashe
Master. Himanshu R. Agashe
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :
I have been lucky to meet Mr. Palwe. You just have to make up your decision to migrate to your dream country. He not only does the job very fast but with full responsibility & 100% success. Thanks to Mr. Palwe & his team Best Wishes to the new clients.

Mr. Vinayak Dhavale
Occupation: - Furniture Uphoster
Comments :

My dreams have come true this has been possible only because of Mr. Manoj Palwe'. He guided and gave me full support in my case. I am Thankful to him.

Mr. Santosh Kulkarni
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :
I was very happy when I got my visa. The credit entirely goes to Mr. Palwe and Mr. Patil as they guided me throughout.

Mr Palwe is a strong and good person. I like him because he is very punctual and he values time. I am very thankful to Mr. Palwe and Mr. Patil.

“Best of luck” to Taurus InfotekTeam.

Mr. Santosh Salve
Mrs. Nisha Shamsundar Meher
Occupation: - General Electrician
Comments :

Hearty! Thanks Mr. Palwe. He is the only person who guided me towards the right direction for my future. Trust and Faith are strong principals that are followed at Taurus Infotek. It was a great experience. It has changed my life. Once again thanks to Mr. Palwe.

Mr. Rahul Tupe
Mrs. Seema R. Tupe
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :

It was my dream to migrate to Australia but I did not find a proper path to fulfill it. But since I have contacted Taurus family I felt that my dreams may finally come true .Due to Mr. & Mrs. Palwe my dream is on the path of fulfillment. Thanks to Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Deepak Melwani
Occupation: - Jeweller
Comments :

Dear Mr. Manoj Palwe – “HATS OFF TO YOU SIR! “

More than an Immigration consultant, you were a friend, Philosopher & Guide. I am so relieved that I COULD FLY & TOUCH THE SKY and this has happened only with your help and support. God bless you all.
Thanks a Million!

Mr. Mandar Madhukar Tamhankar
Mrs. Manasi Mandar Tamhankar
Master Manthan Mandar Tamhankar
Occupation: - Sheet Metal Worker
Comments :

I am very happy, not only because I have got my visa but also for meeting a dynamic person like Mr. Manoj Palwe.

I learned from him lot of things. One of the important advice is, in the process to apply for any visa it is essential to prepare yourself properly for IELTS.

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