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Mr. Manoj Ringe

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Comments :

It is like "dream come to true " . All credit goes to Mr. Palwe, he really made it happen in very short span of time. He helped us right from the scratch . He is been supportive through-out, and always positive. He is got solutions for all the problems. He was always supportive for money transactions also.
"Taurus Infotek: Manoj Palwe " is a just unforgatable name in our (me & my wife)
I 'am really thankful to him & I will wish him luck. May God Bless Him.


Mr. Shivaji Khirid
Mrs. Varsha Khirid
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :
I am very thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe. He is very helpful. He has always helped, supported and guided me in my problem. My dream has come true because of his hard work and flawless way of immigration process. I do not have any words to thank him.
I also want to thank Mrs. Palwe who guided me for IELTS exam. This helped me succeed in first step of my process.
I thank the entire "Taurus Infotek" staff they are very careful and helpful.
Once again I am very thankful to Mr. & Mrs. Palwe & Taurus Infotek

Mr. Ghanashyam A Shinde
Mrs. Vaibhavi Ghanshyam Shinde
Occupation: - General Mechanical Engineering Tradesperson
Comments :

Today my Dream Come True. I am very very thankful to You. Because of you today's moment has come in my life. I am also Thankful to your staff for doing my success processing. I have no words to say how I thank to you. Once again thanks for changing the life of many persons just like me.

Mr. Ghanshyam A Shinde

Mr. Dahesh Jethani
Occupation: - General Clothing Tradesperson
Comments :
Sir, you are really a genius. Hearty wishes to you for your Mastery in getting me the migrating visa. In fact, before coming to you, I had deposited some fee with other consultant, but in our 1st meeting, you raised my confidence level to such heights that I made up my mind to even forfeit my deposited amount with the other consultant.
Truly speaking I appreciate your qualities of ability, confidence and discipline and above all your swiftness to respond to any query without wasting a minute.

Once again " Hats off to you Sir " , and I am really happy to place one more " Feather in your cap of successful migrations ". Thank you so much once again, Warm Regards from me and my family.

Mr. Rahul Fate
Occupation: - Printing Machinist
Comments :

We are very happy that we get Australia Visa; off course we got some problems during this process. But Mr. Palwe was always with us to help us, to guide us and we both feel that this is only because of him.

This is important turning point of our life & we are very much impressed the way he did this for us.

Thanks "Taurus Infotek".

And one more important thing that I want to thank you so much to Mrs. Palwe also. She guide us lot during our "IELTS Exam".

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Mr. Umesh Naik
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

It's good news for us that getting Dream VISA Confirmation.To make our dream come true ,the helping hand is of Mr.Manoj Palwe.From the very first day of our process he gave us confidence about to get VISA in such a quick period . so, I appericiate him & his confidence a lot. once again I would like to thank Mr.Manoj Palwe & the entire crew of TAURUS INFOTECH .
I gave my best wishes & great success to Mr. Manoj Palwe in the future & possible co-operation from my side for him & TAURUS INFOTECH .Thanks
Thanks a lot.

Mr. Ravindra Chaure
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :
Today my dream came to reality. It's my dream from more than five years. First my parents haven't given me permission and after overcoming that problem I got some obstacles in my process also, but thanks to Mr.Palwe for his support and guidance throught the process time.

Many problems had came but Mr.Palwe solved them and helped me to get my visa.

Once again thanks to Mr.Palwe and Tausus Infotek for their help and support.

Mr. Sanjay Kamlu
Occupation: - Machinist
Comments :

The preparation of IELTS was particularly good . Palwe mam instructed me on little thing details of how to approach the exam and how to face the exam environment Also I am thankful Yogita mam. She encouraged me and push me for positive thinking Secondly I am thankful to Mr. Palwe Sir because of sir only I could get my visa. During the process I suffered lots of problems, but Palwe sir guided me very well. So I could get my visa. I specially mentioned, when I started my process I didn't have sufficient money to pay the fees of processing. But he never asked about it. He is very kind person and very needful. I am very grateful to god because god gave me idea to go to Taurus Infotek and start the process. Best of luck to all new students

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Mr. Atul Kalambe
Occupation: - General Electronic Instrument Tradesperson
Comments :

"Immigration Australia" is really a dream come true for me & my family. I was very well supported and co-operated by Mr. Palwe Sir, throughout the Immigration Process.
I am really impressed by his professional approach & style of work. Special thanks to Taurus Infotek staff members for this punctuality & promptness.I would like to thank Mrs. Palwe Madam for IELTS coaching successfully in systematic manner. Once again thankful for my family VISA, which was really a difficult task.It's really a "DREAM COME TRUE".

Mr. Atul K. Kalambe

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