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Mr. Suresh P. Londhe
Occupation: -

Electronic Equipment Tradesperson

Comments :

It is said that each & every person can set a chance to change his own life & this is turning point for my life. It happened only because of Mr. Palwe Sir & his super staff.

My case was very critical & very poor & I thought that I will not get a visa but Mr. Palwe Sir gave me a moral support & helped me a lot & I want to thanks Mrs. Palwe because she helped me a lot to thought English language because of Mrs. Palwe & other teachers I got good band score in 1st attempt.

Thank you Once again to Mr. & Mrs. Palwe & his very good & dynamistic staff.


Mr. Bhausaheb Lanke
Mrs. Anita Lanke
Miss. Chaitali Lanke
Master. Nikhil Lanke
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

I would like to congratulate to Mr. Palwe and his staff for giving excellent service & guidance to their clients as per their needs. Also he has taken all the responsibility of my case and kept his promise to get me the visa.

My heartiest best wishes to him and his staff.

Also I would like to congratulate to Ms.Yogita. She has taken a lot effort to boost my confidence to getting me clear the IELTS.

Once again my best wishes to Mr.Palwe and his firm Taurus Infotek

Mr. Satish A. Makne
Mrs. Vidya S. Makne
Miss. Sharvari S. Makne
Master. Vrishabh S. Makne
Occupation: - Fitter
Comments :
I am very very happy today when I heard that I have got my Visa. I was worring about my future after 8 months but thanks to Mr. Palwe Sir & my friend Mr. Pratap Patil. They gave me proper advice & not only advice but also show me the way of success. Really thanks to both for support & for giving me success. I didn't expect that my process will complete within 7 to 8 months but its all credit goes to Mr. Palwe Sir & Mr. Patil.

Mr. Yogesh A. Pawar
Mrs. Seema Y. Pawar
Miss. Nyati Y. Pawar
Occupation: - General Electronics Instrument Tradesperson
Comments :

We are extremely happy today that finally we have received Visa. The whole of the last one year was full of tension & stress. But through-out this Mr. Palwe helped and guided us and helped us to achieve our target. We are extremely thankful to Mr. Palwe for great mental support and guidance. He was always kind and informative.

Yogesh Pawar

Mr. Indrajit Deoskar
Mrs. Sanhita Deoskar
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :

I feel glad to have approached Mr.Manoj Palwe when I wanted to start my Australia Immigration Process.

Mr. Palwe has been very helpful and always to a very understanding and careful approach to all my queries and needs related to the process.

I whole heartedly thank Mr. Palwe and Taurus Infotek.

Mr. Sanjay Tare
Mrs. Sharmila Tare
Master Apoorv Tare
Occupation: - Toolmaker
Comments :

Thanks to “TAURUS INFOTEK” and Mr. Palwe for helping me to give my visa within 10 months. I had heard that this process took 18 to 20 months time. This process was like tennis match for us because we played it very friendly and finally we won. I am also thankful to Mr. Palwe and staff for giving me proper guidance regarding to process to immigration to Sydney Australia. I will always remember Mr. Palwe’s proverb that “ What you are today? Is yesterday’s decision. And what you will be tomorrow? Are today’s decision.

Thank you sir.

Mr. Manohar Shinde
Occupation: - Vehicle Painter
Comments :

I am very very happy when I heard that I got my visa. It’s really a turning point of my life so I really thanks to Mr. Palwe & their staff and Mr. & Mrs. Patil. Now I can complete all my dreams. Most important thing is “Taurus Infotek” Team is really co-operative. My friends who started this process before me from other consultant till today they are unable to apply visa but I got my visa within same period and it is happened only due to guidance and efforts of Mr. Palwe and Mr. & Mrs. Patil and their team.

Mr. Babasaheb Ghogare
Occupation: - Electrician
Comments :

Mr. Manoj Palwe is very dedicated and result oriented person. I did my immigration process through him in 2005-2006. Because of him, I am in Australia and enjoying the life there. All credit goes to Mr. Manoj Palwe as he encouraged me to go further with the migration process. He is very particular and punctual about his work. Now I am well settled in Australia with my family. I would recommend everybody to do the process through Mr. Manoj Palwe who wants to go and make their career overseas.

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Mr. Priyadarshan Mudaliar
Mrs. Rajeshwari Mudliar.
Miss. Nandita Priyadarshan Mudliar.
Miss. Radhika Priyadarshan Mudliar.
Occupation: - Metal Machinist
Comments :

I would like to congratulate Mr. Palwe on his excellent service, guidance and understanding of his client’s need. He has taken all the responsibility of my case & kept his promise of getting the process completed at the earliest.

My heartfelt best wishes and I pray to the almighty to bestow upon him and his family all the success.

My best wishes to Mr. Palwe and Taurus Infotek

Mr. Deepak Marathe
Occupation: - Motor Mechanic
Comments :
When I decided to start immigration process, there were many options for choosing proper consultant. But after huge talks and enquiries I decided to go with Taurus Infotek. That time I really didn’t know whether my decision was right or wrong but today the time is giving the answer to me that I was right. This is only because of proper guidance from TAURUS INFOTEK FAMILY. Mr. Palwe made my aim easy to achieve. Expecting his valuable advices in my coming Future.

Thank You – Mr. Palwe & Taurus Intotek.

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