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Ms. Shilpa Gaikwad

Occupation: - Retail Pharmacist (Student)
Comments :
My Sincere thanks to Taurus Infotek and Mr. Manoj Palwe for giving me very useful guidance in obtaining admission to university of Queensland Australia and Processing my Visa Speedily.


Dr. Navneet Sharma
Mrs. Upasana Navneet Sharma
Occupation: -

Canada Visiting Visa

Comments :
I have had an excellent association with Mr. Manoj Palwe and because of his sincere guidance I got my visitor's visa to Canada.

I want to thank Mr. Palwe and his team at Taurus Infotek. "All the best" to help people realise their dreams! In future. Good work! Keep it up!!



Ms. Arati Dhareshwar
Occupation: - UK Working Holiday Visa
Comments :

I was able to get the “Working Holiday Visa – Uk” all because of Mr. Palwe. Inspite of having a vast international Travel History & work experience, I was very sceptical about applying for the Visa. Mr. Palwe encouraged me to apply for it as he kept on saying my case was strong & I shall get my visa in no time & That’s what happened. I got my visa in a day’s time. Thank you is a very small word for the confidence that Mr. Palwe has inducted in me. I shall be thankful to him.

Mr. Nilesh Bora
Dr. Mrs. Trupti Bora
Occupation: - Accountant
Comments :
Immigration to Australia was my dream but it was also a very crucial decision of my life. I was in a search of a Good Consultant & my friends referred Mr. Palwe. I found him strict, disciplined & a man of few words. He speaks little & works more. But when he came to know that I am from Nagar, his native place he was very frank & helpful to me. Every time he assured that I would surely get the visa which built my confidence and emotional strength. He supported me throughout.

I wish that we continue with the same good relationship not only professional but also the relationship between his & my family.

I wish him a bright & successful future.

Thank you very much Sir!


Mrs. Mayuri Mehta
Occupation: - New Zealand Visit Visa
Comments :
The service was good and satisfactory. I got the visa to New Zealand within a very short period of time.

Thank you Mr. Palwe!


Ms. Yogita J. Vide
Occupation: - UK Working Holiday Visa
Comments :

I can keep saying “ Thank You ” over and over again but instead I will first thank Sir once and present a list of things he did for me and leave it for you to decide how grateful I should be.

He built my confidence and focus towards processing my visa. He was very feasible with the payment of his fees. He provided all the support required to prepare for my visa interview. I would also like to thank Palwe madam and Maitrayiee Palwe for the same.

I was not doing anything productive when I met him so he gave me a job, again being flexible to my personal requirements & special thanks to madam for training me, I would also like to thank, all my colleagues at Taurus Infotek.


Mr. Sandeep Shetty
Occupation: - UK HSMP Visa
Comments :

Immigrating Aspirants,

It was a good turn by my friend by which I got to know Mr. Manoj Palwe’s address and organisation.

Mr. Manoj Palwe is a very systematic person & does not leave to chance anything. He advised me all the documents that would be required for my HSMP Visa application and also followed up periodically reminding me about the pending items. He also guided me to get the appropriate documents and provide me relevant formats for specific document so that the document contains all required information & presented in proper way.

I am thankful to Mr. Manoj Palwe & his team for their efforts.

Mr. Arvind G. Joshi
Mrs. Anupama Joshi
Occupation: - US Visit Visa
Comments :

I got my US Visit Visa and all credit goes to Mr. Manoj Palwe. Because of his co-operation & proper guidance I got this visa in no time.

I am very grateful to him.

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