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Ms. Maitrayiee Palwe
Occupation: -

UK Working Holiday Visa

Comments :

I am thrilled to get my U.K. Working Holiday Visa in 3 days time. I never thought, that it will be possible so early. Thanks to Taurus Infotek. I will always refer to their name to all my friends who want to apply for Visa. Thanks once again.


Dr. Surekha V. Ambarwadikar
Occupation: -UK Working Holiday Visa
Comments :
Actually I was worried weather I'll be getting this working holiday visa,as I was approaching my 29th birthday. But Mr. Palwe encouraged me to apply & helped me to prepare all the documentation. I got my visa within 3 days of applying for it.

It's simply great ! I'm really happy & once again thanking Mr. Palwe & his able team.



Ms. kanupriya Mathur
Mr. Rahul Bhat
Occupation: - Hotel or Motel Manager (Degree Level)
Comments :

Thank you so much for all the guidance and assistance in getting the Australian residency. The procedures were handled really well and were completed well before expected. We would be more than happy to recommend Mr. Palwe and his team to anyone who is interested in obtaining an Australian Residency.


Dr. Nilesh Jagtap
Mrs. Sulakshana Nilesh Jagtap
Occupation: - Doctor (Canada Work Permit Visa)
Comments :

It's really very difficult job to get work permit visa and visitor ’s visa to Canada. But I 1st got my visitor visa & now work permit visa just because of Mr. Manoj Palwe.
I think without his help it was impossible job. His approach towards my case, proper case study, proper covering letter & other document collection was excellent. I am really thankful. And would advice anyone to go blindly to Mr. Manoj Palwe for their work.

Mr. Amarpal Duggal
Mrs. Inderroop Duggal
Miss. Arsheenkaur Duggal
Occupation: - Industrial Pharmacist
Comments :

Prior to applying for immigration I had gone to a few people regarding the immigration process, a Doctor friend of mine suggested me to meet Palwe Sir & after meeting Palwe Sir I was quite convinced that if I file my papers through Palwe Sir I would be through & the same happened. I am quite satisfied regarding the whole process & the timely guidance & support from Palwe Sir.

Thank You Sir


Mr. Birendra Bhandari
Mrs. Pushpa B. Bhandari
Miss. Barkha B. Bhandari
Master. Rahul B. Bhandari
Occupation: - Sales & Marketing Manager
Comments :

I started interacting with Mr. Palwe some 5 to 6 months ago, he guided me and helped me to make up my mind for Australia.  About Mr. Palwe what I found interesting is that he gives right advice and speaks to the point and never misguides from any angle. His knowledge about immigrations is up to the mark and he updates his knowledge on daily basis, which is important. He has very good documentation and goes through the documents in detail & advice us when required. Mr. Palwe’s approach is always positive. I have learned many things from Mr. Palwe apart from immigration. I am sure that he will guide me whenever I require his advice.

Mr. Jayesh Ashok Gorey
Mrs. Snehal Jayesh Gorey
Occupation: - Sales Representative (Medical & Pharmaceutical )
Comments :

We want to express our immense gratitude towards Mr. Manoj Palwe. We would like to share our experience before we express our feeling of happiness and security. We attempted APEC exam but unfortunately could not clear it. We were left with a dead end or a straight U-turn towards our sickly routine in Pune. It was Mr Palwe who gave us a ray of hope, by advising us to apply for regional visas and what a miracle! We got smoothly through each and every step. Bottom line, we have reached to a conclusion Immigration is not a piece of cake for a layman. However it can become a cakewalk, with presence of and under the guidance of eminent consultants. And we know only one such person… Mr. Manoj Palwe

Dr. Anand Choudhary
Occupation: - Psychologist
Comments :

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my high Thanks to Mr. Palwe for helping me out in getting my Visitor Visa for Canada. He is a very knowledgable person and I appreciate his experience in this field. I found his team also very much co-ordinating.


I wish the very Best to Mr. Palwe and his team.


coming soon........
Mrs. Indhulekhaa Padmanabhan
Occupation: - UK Working Holiday Visa
Comments :

The service of "Taurus Infotek" is excellent. They are genius and sincere. It was my dream to visit U.K. (With UK working Holiday Visa). It has become true because of Taurus Infotek. The procedure of processing is systematic and they are charging minimum fees compared to other agents.

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