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Mrs. Pramila Khambatta

Mr. Zaheer Khambatta

Occupation: - Social Worker
Comments :
One of the most professional agencies one can find, we are extremely happy that we approached Mr. Manoj Palwe. We just could not have been in better hands.
We have been though an agent earlier. All he did was collected amounts, Nothing else. Mr. Palwe was, in total control, normally with us, but ahead of us in matters. We do wish him all the best and success in all future matters that he handles.


Mr. Kartik Shivraman
Occupation: -Hotel Manager
Comments :
Mr. Manoj Palwe is delightfully initiate but also a professional. He is a great inspiration to a confused person and a diligent guide to a person who thinks that he has lost his way. Efficient & has respect for his own time and the time of a person who seeks his advice.

We will be ever grateful to his timely guidance and his impeccable Accuracy of information he delivers.

You can trust him next to God.



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Mr. Yogendra Patil
Occupation: - Agricultural Adviser
Comments :

"Dream Come True" is a very general term to say, but to achieve;
it needs right guidance, proper support, Motivation and time management. Mr. Manoj Palwe give me all these things and just because of him now I am proudly saying my dream becomes reality.

The one year process, really it was exhaustive and complicated but I never felt its toughness on my part. As I am a management student, but I learned most of the managerial skills, practicality of life from him at a right stage of my life. For me he is the "GURU".

I am really thankful to "Taurus Infotek", Mr. Palwe & his subordinates for a grant support.

My well wishes are always with you all.


Mrs. Ruveena Ghoderao
Occupation: - Child Visa
Comments :

Coming soon ............


coming soon........
Ms. Urmila Datar
Occupation: - Chemist
Comments :

I am very much thankful to Shri Manoj Palwe, for getting immigration visa for my daughter Miss Urmila . I have found that he has through knowledge of immigration regulations and has been giving correct guidance and advice.


Mr.Narenderjit Singh Daurka
Mrs.Satinder Jit Kaur
Miss.Manmeet kaur
Occupation: - Sales Representative
Comments :

First of all I would like to Thank Mr. Palwe & his team for successfully granting me visa for Australia. From the day I started meeting with Mr. Palwe he was very co-operative & helpful to me for achieve my goal. I was fulfill for CANADA but Mr.Palwe study my case & possible it for Australia. Before meeting him I meet few other consultant but they first used to talk about their fees.
As I started submitting my documents & found it is hard for IELTS but Mr. Palwe help me to clear this. During my coaching Mrs. Palwe helped me a lot for my reading module.
Mr. Palwe work in very professional way & maintain a good track of every thing.
Thanks to Mr. Palwe for fulfilling my dream of Immigration.

Regards ,
Narederjit Singh Daurka.


Raghunandan Mulye
Occupation: - Accountant
Comments :

My efforts to immigrate to Australia were on for quiet sometime. For this I visited some consultants in Mumbai. Majority of them discouraged me, by telling that I may not be eligible to apply and secure "Skilled Independent-Subclass 136 Visa" (The best category of immigrant visa). This dismayed me a lot. However, when I came in contact with Mr. Palwe, of Taurus Infotek, my search for the Best Immigration Consultant came to an end. He not only showed me a ray of hope but also helped me to secure the above-mentioned visa in short time (8 months). This period could have been even shorter by 2-3 months, had there not been personal problems at my end.

To be honest, the level of confidence with which he replied to me that he can handle my case, boosted my confidence level.
Throughout the process, I found, Mr. Palwe,
" Unlike others (who I visited before, approaching Mr. Palwe who were just interested in fees that they would have drawn from me.) , has been more interested in helping me to get the best visa. " Very helpful
“Motivated me when due to anxiety my motivation level used to go down.
" A person of integrity and action, not just words.
" To help people to immigrate is his business and he knows it perfectly . He is serious about success for his every client.

From my experience, it would not be an exaggeration if I say that, he is like an angel to me, who helped me to realize my dream to migrate to my dream destination.


Mrs.Farah Mukarram Sukhla
Mr.Mukarram Gulamhusain Sukhla
Master.Shayaan Mukarram Sukhla
Occupation: - Child Care Co-ordinator
Comments :

It's a dream come true that's what me and my husband say. Palwe Sir was the best & the right choice to guide me for my immigration to Australia. His targeted approach, sensible advice and flexibility helped all of us pass through. His support and encouragement removed all our fears, and we gained confidence to get OUR VISA. 'Hat's off' to the Taurus Infotek leader Palwe Sir and his team.
We once again thank him very much for all the support he has given us.
We wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

Good luck and God Bless You!!!
Best Regards, Sukhla Family

Mr.Naval Pagdiwalla
Occupation: - New Zealand Visiting Visa
Comments :

I am extremely grateful to Mr. Manoj Palwe for having accorded me a Visitors Visa to New Zealand within a remarkably small period of few days.

He is extremely soft spoken and a very courteous person.
I wish him success.


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