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Master. Neel Chandrakant Utture.

Occupation: -

Child Visa

Comments : Neels Grandfather !

I received visa of my grandson Neel who is going to Australia with his mother. It was to be done in schedule period, our worry to get it in time by a month was over.
Thanks to Shri Palwe.


Mrs.Deepti Ganu
Occupation: -Accountant
Comments :

Coming Soon....

Mrs. Rakhee Rathi
Mr. Mahesh Rathi
Master. Harsh Rathi
Occupation: - Industrial Pharmacist
Comments :

It was really great to get a Visa to Australia and it was only possible through Taurus Infotek. Mr. Manoj Palwe was really great help, in guiding and processing documents. The IELTS tuition conducted here were also of great standards and my wife got 8 bands in Academic Module. Mr. Palwe was also considerate about money problems. He used to be flexible with his fees. It's really great to have people on earth who are so helpful and of great Help.

Once again thanks to Mr. Palwe.


Mr. Kalidindi Shrinivas
Occupation: - UK Working Holiday Visa
Comments :

Mr.Manoj is a very Professional person and I trusted him for applying the working Holiday Maker Visa for UK.I got my Visa in just 2 days after filling my application. I am really thankful for all his services.

Mr. Gaurav Rachwani
Occupation: - UK Working Holiday Visa
Comments :

Mr Manoj Palwe lived up to his promise of getting me my UK work permit within one month. His paperwork was so immaculate that I didn’t even have to give an interview in the Uk embassy. Even though I was in Mumbai and he was located in Pune, still the distance never was a barrier and he kept me well informed about all the things that were required to be done. I am so pleased with his work that I am doing my Australia immigration also through him.

Thank you very much.

Ms. Preeti Parekh
Occupation: - Training Officer
Comments :

Thank you Sir !

Really,looking forward to a wonderful experience.The wait was worth its while.
Your guidance and patience has helped me.

Thanks a lot!

Ms. Ashwini Bhide
Occupation: - Child Care Co-Cordinator
Comments :

It was my dream to migrate to Australia which became the reality just because of Mr. Palwe. I am very happy to reach my destiny.

Mr. Palwe is a very kind & co-operative gentleman without whom it was not possible to reach my goal.

Thanks to Mr. Palwe & his team members.

Mrs. Anushka Bhonsle
Mr. Abhijeet Bhonsle
Occupation: - Child Care Co-ordinator
Comments :

Everybody knows that the process of Immigration is very complicated process, so it was same with us, as we were not from Pune. There were few problems some or the other times, but because of Palwe Sir's ( Taurus Infotek ) methodical, systematic, resourceful, techniques & guidance in Immigration business timely supported us and helped us to go through the whole journey of migration process .

I would definitely recommend Taurus Infotek to my friends & Relatives.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude to the whole Team of Taurus Infotek. We both wish a Team Taurus a Grand success in future.



Mrs. Aparna Apte
Master. Saurabh Apte
Occupation: - Child Care Coordinator
Comments :

I really can’t believe that I have got a PR for Australia. That was a “Dream come True” for me as my case was complicated. Your effort and sincere efforts have helped me to reach to this point. I really felt on the top of the world after achieving the visa.

Thanks a million for your co-operation and support.


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