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We are into Immigration Consultancy operating from Pune, India. Pune is a large city having a large number of skilled persons interested in migrating to Australia. We are mainly doing Immigration related work for Australia, Canada, Denmark and UK. We are having an excellent track record of more than 7years & Hundreds of our clients are successfully settled in Australia. We have got a good network of our own resources & contacts in Australia at DIAC, MARA, MIA & other important platforms.



Canadian Clients

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Shreyas, (IT Occupation) our client discussing life in Canada with Manoj Palwe video

Nisha, Canada settled (HR manager)  sharing her exparience with Manoj Palwe video

Daksh, (Clinical Data Manager)Our Canadian settled client sharing his Joy with Manoj Palwe video

With Mruga, My Canada settled daughter-Manoj Palwe in Toronto video

Canada settled lady Irum Khan (Journalist) sharing her experience!! video

Ravindra,( Financial manager) A Canadian Financial manager describing life in Canada. video

Abhijeet,(Senior Marketing Officer)sharing his Canadian success story With Manoj Palwe in Toronto video

Our Finance Manager PR Visa got client explains. video

Amogh, (Senior Sous Chef ) Our Canada settled client describing life in Canada! video

Amit,(Industry Analyst ) our PR visa got finance professional with Manoj Palwe in Toronto. video

Our client Ebin (Chemical Engineer) in Toronto with our post landing expert Vaibhav video

Manoj Palwe talking about his Canadian driving experience!! video

Merwyn Dsouza ( Assistant Restaurant Manager ) Life in Canada video

Our Canadian (Associate) Mr. Zoheer with Manoj Palwe video

Our Client Virendra( Design Engineer - Automotive)with our post landing expert Vaibhav in Toronto video

Manoj Palwe with Sandeep, (Physiotherapist) A Canadian based Physiotherapist. video

Our Toronto based post landing services video

Vaibhav on post landing services in Canada discussing with Manoj Palwe in Toronto. video


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